FIBC (Jumbo Bags)

Big Bags / FIBC / Jumbo bags

We offer a range of Bulk Bags that are manufactured using quality material. These are laminated with Polyethylene Liners. We offer these in following standard sizes that are tabulated below.

Technical specifications:

Base : 90×90 cms ,95×95 cms, 100x100cms, 105×105 cms
Height 90 cms, 120 cms, 140 cms, 160 cms, 180 cms

The height and base can be customized to suit different requirements of our customer’s products

The customization can also be done on following:

  • Filling and discharging options
    • Big bags with Top skirt
    • Big bags with Top fill spout
    • Big bags with Bottom discharge spout
  • Lifting styles
  • FIBC/ Jumbo bag construction
    • Big bags with U + 2 panel type construction
    • Big bags with circular construction
  • Water resistance – Lamination
  • Polyethylene Liners
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Types of FIBC’s

Builder BagTop SkirtTop Fill SpoutBase spoutStevedore LoopsCross Corner Loops
Builder Bag
Bag with Top Skirt